You’ve no doubt seen this list of the different types of editing:

  1. Copyediting
  2. Line Editing
  3. Mechanical Editing
  4. Substantive Editing
  5. Developmental Editing
  6. Critique (Critical Analysis)
  7. Proofreading

Setting aside Mechanical Editing because that refers to following either The Chicago Manual of Style or The Associated Press Style when required, I incorporate all the others when I’m working on a project. I believe that they are inextricably linked and it is impossible to do just one without the others. My eye catches all errors and I think it is limiting to categorize the editing process.

I have created a unique editing style. I am an Editing Cartographer in that I map out the material as a whole piece. I can see when a sentence, paragraph, or even a chapter should be moved or deleted. I will note inconsistencies such as a character saying something and later contradicting it. Perhaps a prologue and an epilogue are needed for clarity.


I look at every detail.  Did you inadvertently use two identical adjectives too close together?  Did you remember to italicize a character’s thoughts instead of using quotation marks? Perhaps another word would be more impactful than the one you chose to describe a character’s reaction. Are you consistent with your tenses? Do your nouns agree with your verbs?


If you’ve finished your project, it’s advisable to have a professional read it before publication. I will be your “fresh eyes” to give feedback and suggestions, and one last edit for errors.


I can write just about anything you have in mind.  Have you had a bad experience with a business or doctor and want to write a complaint letter, but you don’t have time?  I specialize in complaint letters.  Do you want to write a letter to your paper’s editor?  I can do that for you. 


If you don’t have the time to write certain sections of your project, I can ghostwrite them for you. I will always keep your vision, and write in your voice.


Have you finished your work, but are dizzy from proofing it a million times? Sometimes you can look at something so many times, you can’t see your own mistakes.  I can be your fresh eyes, and proofread it one last time.

Proofreading is like breathing to me.  I find myself doing it with everything I read.  e.g., I was driving and saw a digital sign that said, “DRIVE SAFE.”  I screamed “S-A-F-E-L-Y!  IT’S AN ADVERB!  S-A-F-E-L-Y!!!”  I find errors in published books, articles, advertisements, and websites.  I even found two errors on a product label.  It’s a good thing I love to proofread, and I’ll be happy to do it for you.


If you’ve written your project on actual paper using a pen, I can type it for you on a computer.

Attention Business Owners: If you have a manual or document that needs to be updated or combined with a different document, I can do that for you.