I look at every detail.  Did you inadvertently use two identical adjectives too close together?  Did you remember to italicize a character’s thoughts instead of using quotation marks? Perhaps another word would be more impactful than the one you chose to describe a character’s reaction. Are you consistent with your tenses? Do your nouns agree with your verbs?


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  • Biographies


  • Fiction & Non-Fiction Books
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If you’ve finished your project, it’s advisable to have a professional read it before publication. I will be your “fresh eyes” to give feedback and suggestions, and one last edit for errors.


I can write just about anything you have in mind.  Have you had a bad experience with a business or doctor and want to write a complaint letter, but you don’t have time?  I specialize in complaint letters.  Do you want to write a letter to your paper’s editor?  I can do that for you. 


If you don’t have the time to write certain sections of your project, I can ghostwrite them for you. I will always keep your vision, and write in your voice.


Have you finished your work, but are dizzy from proofing it a million times? Sometimes you can look at something so many times, you can’t see your own mistakes.  I can be your fresh eyes, and proofread it one last time.

Proofreading is like breathing to me.  I find myself doing it with everything I read.  e.g., I was driving and saw a digital sign that said, “DRIVE SAFE.”  I screamed “S-A-F-E-L-Y!  IT’S AN ADVERB!  S-A-F-E-L-Y!!!”  I find errors in published books, articles, advertisements, and websites.  I even found two errors on a product label.  It’s a good thing I love to proofread, and I’ll be happy to do it for you.


If you’ve written your project on actual paper using a pen, I can type it for you on a computer.

Attention Business Owners: If you have a manual or document that needs to be updated or combined with a different document, I can do that for you.