English was always my best subject in school.  Everyday my favorite teacher, in the first three minutes of class, instructed us to take out a piece of paper, wrote a metaphor on the chalkboard, and told us to write our interpretation of its meaning.  Unlike the other students, I loved this exercise.  It fed my creativity and secured my love of writing.  I also wrote haiku for extra credit.  Yes, I was an English nerd.  My love for English stayed with me throughout my life, and it was my major in college.  I’m going to tell you what I don’t usually tell many people:  I read grammar books for fun. 

My editing career started when I was a young woman working for Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, California.  As the secretary of an engineering department, I typed many technical documents for my bosses.  I didn’t understand the engineering terms, but I easily corrected the grammar and spelling.  With every subsequent job, I naturally fell into the role of Editor. 

With over forty years of experience editing, writing, and proofreading, I have the confidence and talent to do your job professionally, efficiently, and accurately.  Everything gets examined, from grammar, punctuation, and syntax, to content flow and logic.  I integrate high-level quality editing with a first-time reader’s eye.  If something is confusing, redundant, or contradictory, I offer alternatives for that passage.  I respect that you’ve entrusted me with your creation, your baby if you will, and while it’s in my hands, I’ll treat it as if it’s my own.  I’m passionate about what I do, because I consider it to be my art.